Stern Galaxy - Start 6-27-09

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galaxy_before/im000683.jpg.jpg galaxy_before/im000684.jpg.jpg galaxy_before/im000685.jpg.jpg
The Galaxy head.  Not much came with it.
A nicely cut up head harness.  All female housings have been clipped.
The head insert has been cut up just as badly.

galaxy_before/im000686.jpg.jpg galaxy_before/im000687.jpg.jpg galaxy_before/im000688.jpg.jpg
A couple of display racks missing.
The playfield isn't too bad overall.
The project was lacking a coin door.

galaxy_before/im000689.jpg.jpg galaxy_before/im000690.jpg.jpg galaxy_before/im000691.jpg.jpg
I suppose someone needed the right side rail for something else.
Lack of a left side rail too.
Inside the cabinet is a little grungy, although, I've seen much worse.  The power switch was relocated for some reason, and the rectifier board housing was cut off.

galaxy_before/im000692.jpg.jpg galaxy_before/im000693.jpg.jpg galaxy_before/im000694.jpg.jpg
Only a couple of things were cut off the underside of the playfield.
  The harness took a hit though.  Three of the female housings were clipped. Even the power cord was clipped.

galaxy_before/im000695.jpg.jpg galaxy_before/im000696.jpg.jpg

A wheelbarrow full of parts to the rescue!  These were leftover parts from the remaining two Meteors I had.  There's a nice, rusty coin door in there too.
The leftover Meteor heads.  I'm sure they'll be put to good use.

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