The "Missing" Gottlieb System 80 Switches

With the Gottlieb System 80 series of games, there are some switch assignments that are designated the same throughout the System 80, 80A, and 80B platforms.  These switches are typically not listed in the switch matrix portion of the manual.  You have to review the cabinet schematics, and decipher what switches use what return and strobe.  However, it appears that Gottlieb / Premier changed this section of the schematic starting with Excalibur or Bad Girls by no longer listing the strobes for these switches.  So, below are the "missing" switch assignments for any Sys80B.  All the info applies for Sys80 and Sys80A, except the two advance buttons, which weren't used prior to Sys80B.

06 - left advance button (Sys80B only)
07 - play / test switch
16 - right advance button (Sys80B only)
17 - left coin switch
27 - right coin switch
37 - center coin switch
47 - replay button
57 - plumb bob and ball roll tilts (these have the same switch assignment as the playfield tilt switch)

Note: The coin door slam switch is not part of the switch matrix.